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What we do?


Hotel furniture Supplier specializing in design development, manufacturing,
and installation of hotel furniture and doors. A prominent contract furniture
manufacturer for over 13 years.




We assess your interior space to ensure the most suitable furniture design, and present several possible layouts.


We customize and deliver your bespoke Designs according to your unique requirements and style.


Transforming your concepts into doable schemes for execution.

Completing a detailed room survey is

our priority to safeguard any possible issues

in a later stage if any to be avoided or planned for.

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Mobiban is proficient in providing complete
FF&E solutions for projects.

Custom capabilities include our ability to

manufacture from hand drawings, photos, customer specs,

color match finishes and incorporate a variety of design

options that will meet your requirements.

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Our goal is to engineer, manufacture and deliver

a product that exceeds your design aspirations, without

compromising your design intent.




We work our best to coordinate, offering variety of recommendations on the choice of materials and finishes; making sure your designs are elegant and refined.


We perform a cost analysis, to meet both your budget and taste offering range of alternatives to meet your needs


Our customized production options allow you to adjust your designs to your ultimate needs

Once all details are set, a sample shall be

produced to ensure that your requirements are

merely met. Our customized production

options allows you to adjust your designs to

your ultimate needs; opening up hundreds of

solution to suit your project perfectly.

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Providing you with a sample prototype,
and will be flexible and timely in molding
it until perfection.

We attentively guide you through every phase
of the project, setting the time-frame and
following up on the manufacturing and
installation processes.

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Our in-house manufacturing process entails complete control

over the whole course, and an optimum quality control.